Recipes for the Young Adult

Gianni Calogiuri Fig Vincotto Vinegar

Not certain what I would do without this vinegar.   It is great right out of the bottle – haha – no – I don’t actually do that, although truthfully
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blueberry pancakes (one bowl, healthy)

Andy learned how to cook last year- how to make dinner for himself – and breakfast – and well he is pretty good!  Being home however, brings out the little
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a note on cilantro

Cilantro is one of my favorite herbs – but it is one of the dirtiest Grit can ruin dish – so to clean it: Fill a bowl with cool water,
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general shopping list for the young adult

Protein Fresh oranges, lemons and limes An assortment of veggies, and don’t forget garlic and onion (store away from potatoes). Frozen vegetables too.Stock up the freezer. Fresh ginger (this is
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ground turkey taco meat

Andy made this turkey taco meat last week (above – the two pics on the right) and several times last fall.  It’s versatile and easy and oh so good.  I
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general thoughts for the young/Inexperienced cook

Decide what you will make over the weekend or when you have extra time and start a grocery list – look at ingredients, make a list, then go to the
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