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Be creative and have fun!  Little chocolate pools covered with nuts, fruits, seeds and berries.  Bite sized treats for your friends and family.  These are GREAT for a party – you can make weeks prior and they present so well.  And most everyone loves a bit sized morsel of goodness.  I happen to LOVE pretzels and tart cherries, fig and peanuts and pepitas and cranberries.  Oh, and the sunflower almond!  These are really fun to make with your kids – creating all different tastes and colors.  You do need to temper your chocolate – so look at the Halloween peeps post and the Valentine chocolates for more direction and go to town.  Enjoy!


tempered dark, milk or white chocolate
dried fruits
cocoa nibs

Drop tempered chocolate by teaspoonful onto parchment.  Smooth with the back of a spoon or a small palette knife.  Drop nuts, seeds and fruits as desired.  Add a little drop flaky salt if nuts are unsalted – creates a delicious sweet and salty flavor.

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