Chocolate matzoh bark.  So delicious and tasty.  I’m not supposed to eat or drink chocolate, caffeine or alcohol (so sad, advice for vertigo)…but I know this is good (I confess, I had to nibble!)  The salty matzoh, the chocolate, fruit and nuts, it is all so seriously good.  Same thing goes for chocolate dipped matzoh.  Different shape, same taste.  A great treat at the end of your Passover Seder.  Tempering chocolate is the only tricky part here.  It takes time, patience and a comfort with the chocolate.  If you have a tempering machine, still takes time and patience, but certainly easier as you can do other things in the kitchen while it runs.  The most important piece here is to purchase high quality chocolate.  Really – get the best you can afford.  I like to use salted matzoh – that sweet/salty thing speaks loudly to me.  See the Halloween Peeps and Valentine Chocolate posts for further instructions on tempering and machines – and tips in general.  If short on time, or prefer an easier treat check out the matzoh candy post.

matzoh bark and chocolate covered matzoh:

tempered milk and dark chocolate
matzoh, I used salted
dried fruit, I used cherries
toasted nuts, I used pecans

other ideas for add-0ns:
chocolate chips
cocoa nibs

chocolate dipped matzoh

Dip matzoh pieces in tempered chocolate.  Shake off excess and place on parchment lined sheet-pan.  Add fruit, nuts, chips, cocoa nibs, coconut, seeds or chips.  Let set.  Enjoy.

matzoh bark

Spoon tempered chocolate onto parchment lined sheet-pan.  Place broken matzoh pieces all over.  Cover with more chocolate, nuts, dried fruits…more matzoh if desired and a drizzle of chocolate.  Have fun, be creative.  Let set and cut into pieces.  Enjoy-

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