I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…there is something truly joyful about a chocolate covered Peep!  Plain Peeps, nothing special, but dipped delectably in milk or dark (Rob’s favorite) chocolate — they transform into something spectacular.  I played around this time and planted the dipped peep on a bed of mini m&m’s and wow – the kids were fighting over them.  Lucky for them I’m meant to be off chocolate for a little bit (to help my ever present dizziness).  I also dipped the dark chocolate in cocoa nibs which made for a really intense flavor and coarse texture.  Reader Lisa wrote in to say she dipped hers then covered with caramel sprinkles to look like a nest.  Great ideas are endless…coconut, ground chocolate, candied sugar, pastel cupcake decorations…  See the Halloween Peeps, Valentine chocolates posts to learn how to temper chocolate by hand or where to buy a machine.  If you invest in a machine you will probably make good use of it – finding all sorts of things to dip.  Just remember that it takes time, patience and the best chocolate that you can afford.   It’s all about the chocolate!  Enjoy-

chocolate covered Peeps(inspired by Maria Valente from Chocolations):

tempered milk and dark chocolates
cocoa nibs

Dip Peeps in tempered chocolate and place on parchment lined sheet pan to set up.

If using m&m’s or any from the list above, place a mound on the sheet pan first, then settle the dipped Peep on top to set.


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