OK, so you’ve seen this photo when I wrote about the coffee ice cream, and the caramelized bananas…but you haven’t heard me talk about the sundae itself.  Well, pretty self explanatory really.  Right?  Just look at the picture.  What is better?  Ice cream of your choice atop the glazed nutty brownie…with freshly whipped cream and the caramelized bananas.  A little chocolate sauce to top it off and oh my.  Really oh my.  This is the ultimate (clearly for me).  Although chocolate chip is my favorite ice cream out there…(irrelevant I know).  Chat 19 – a local restaurant, was my inspiration for this.  I happen to love and order their sundae whenever I’m with a group (usually girls) who will share it with me (almost always).

Not sure you need a recipe here.  You’ll find most of the ingredients in the blog and of course you can buy the ice cream.  But don’t skimp on the the whipped cream please.  Get those beaters out.


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