OK, so these bars were interestingly good which I know can be a shaky description.  But read on.  Karen LOVED LOVED LOVED them.  Effusive.  Rob liked them saying if you like custard they are right up your alley.  Someone also said that the inside looked like snot which is not so nice…but gave us a laugh and I guess if your snot is yellow and custard-y then so be it.  Did I mention that Karen LOVED these?  The crackly top and oozing custard was my fave.  The bottom of the cake was my only issue.  I rarely use a box cake mix but this recipe called for it so I gave it a whirl.  The taste isn’t for me so I ate the top off.  Anyway, if you look at all the comments from Tastspotting.com and from Some Kitchen Stories (who posted these on Tastespotting) you will see many a fabulous comment.  We all got the recipe from Gilt Taste when they featured the bars and the recipe from Momofuku.  Enjoy –

momofukus butter cake bars:

Find the recipe at Tastspotting.com

Only tip I have is to maybe use a 9×9 cake pan — as these are super gooey and easy to under bake.  Enjoy!!

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