What a megaflop (Sylvie’s word)!  But no worries…you can easily turn a calamity into a triumph (again, she’s using the thesaurus).  On Sunday, Sylvie and I decided to bake together.  I directed, she executed, and we were happy with the scents and smells of rich chocolate filling the kitchen.  We were all smiles until the little brownie cakes came out the oven; we could immediately tell that they were not going to pop out nicely from their molds.  After a few failed attempts, I just gave up.  Luckily Linda, Patrick and cousins Stephen and Daniel are not too picky (well they like a good treat but didn’t mind the appearance) and happily sprinkled the chocolate mass on top of their ice cream and fruit.  I still had a lot left over today and figured I’d freeze the crumbles and throw them into my ice cream here  and there but instead decided to just make a cake with the messy leftovers.  An ice cream cake.  Use this method with any treat that doesn’t turn out well the only caveat being that the failure must actually taste good.  The variations are endless so have fun.  I kept mine fairly simple.  Enjoy –

ice cream cake:

ice cream
cake or brownies

Line a pan with plastic wrap so that it touches the bottom of the cake pan and comes up the sides as well.

Soften your ice cream.  50 seconds under defrost did the trick for me.

Scoop and smooth the ice cream into the lined pan.  Follow with your messy, failed, delicious treat then place back in the freezer.

Add another layer of softened ice cream (a different flavor is nice) and really – you can play around as much as you want.  Add more of your failure to the top (soon to be bottoms) of the cake pan.  (Use another flavor ice cream again if you choose, I only used two different ice creams.)

Freeze again.  Wrap plastic wrap around the cake.  This can sit for a while.

When ready, simple pull the cake from the plastic wrap and place on a cardboard round.  You can press jimmies, sprinkles, ground nuts, m&m’s, on the sides.  You can also make a ganache and pour over the cake as well – so that it has some nice drips around it.  You can also make whipped cream and spread all over.  Delicious.  Cut with a warm knife (run under hot water and wipe carefully with a towel).


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