The black beast lives up to its name.  Great for Passover – or really anytime (I made it for Rob’s birthday).  This cake is delicious, rich and satisfying.  It may seem daunting for a second (the water bath and layers of foil) but it is really easy.  Don’t be afraid and try.  I followed the recipe but added a dash of kosher salt.  But otherwise left it as is.  And I used all bittersweet chocolate because that is what Rob likes.  However, if for me, I would have used more semi-sweet.  Oh, and lastly I only had a 9 inch springform pan, so I made a few ramekins on the side (also cooked in a water bath) and gave to the kids since they weren’t invited to the party 🙂

For the water bath – place the springform pan into the roasting pan with out the water.  Then place the pans in the oven and pull the rack out.  Then add hot water to the roasting pan.  This way you don’t have to balance the water and the pan, and the cake pan.

Enjoy – here is the link to epicurious.

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