Lisi's Kitchen

Stevers Candies chocolate marshmallows.  These are scrumptious!  Truly.  A family fave.

Eyes light up when I bring these gems out for company.  Friends eagerly ask “did you make these!?”  I reluctantly tell the truth and say no…I didn’t, but they are better than any candy I could ever make.

I often order gift boxes for the holidays and hostess gifts but I (we) often end up eating most of them since it is too difficult to give them away.

Located in Rochester NY – I found them with my grandma and mom (both from Rochester) and have been calling every year since.  Call because you can’t order on-line although they have a lovely and descriptive website.  And many more delicious treats.  And boy – the people in Rochester are really nice and so pleasant on the phone.  I’m serious.

Milk and dark – both delicious btw.

This is not an ad – nor do I get these for free…I’m just sharing some things I love so that you too can enjoy if you choose.


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