Oh Ohmygoodness.  This was fantastic.  I loved it and dinner goers did too!  Lots of oohing and ahhing.  As mentioned in the peanut cookie post, I thought ice cream would be good.  And it wasn’t good, it was GREAT.  Phenomenal.

To assemble:

I used Turkey Hill Original Vanilla.  I like their vanilla  because it isn’t too rich and made with mostly all good things.  No long list of ingredients which is nice.

To soften the ice cream, leave on the counter for a bit or place in microwave and use the defrost setting for a couple of minutes.  Keep checking the ice cream as you do not want to melt it.   In the meantime, I melt some milk chocolate (good quality pls) and cut up the cookies.

Place ice cream in the bowl of mixer and on medium speed with the paddle attachment, soften it further.  (Or you can do this with strong hands and arms.)  Add the crumbled cookies and incorporate.  Pull bowl from mixer, and drizzle the milk chocolate all over the ice cream – folding and drizzling and working quickly.

Place in a container and pop back in freezer and voila a semi-homemade ice cream that really really satisfied all my sweet needs.  I highly recommend!


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