Baked again for My Sister’s Place — and decided to once again make a cookie.  These are flecked with orange zest and taste fresh and bright.  The white chocolate sweetens them up and adds another scrumptious dimension.  Greg had one and said, “hmmm, good mom!”  He had another the next day (cuz he never eats more than one at a time!) and said, “I really really like these mom” and on the third said “you should def make them again.”  Rob too – which was surprising since he doesn’t like white chocolate at all – said good.  (Please use good quality white chocolate!)  I loved them.  And Mike if you are reading this (which I doubt) I will share with you next time, since orange is one of your faves.

Got this recipe from a fun blog called Cookies & Cups…

creamsicle cookies from Cookies & Cups:

click here

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