I love coffee – coffee with milk and sugar.  This ice cream is just that – but cold.  (There is coffee ice cream hiding in this photo.)  The ice cream has a great mellow coffee taste that is perfect.  In addition, for those of you who don’t want to go through the trouble and time to make a custard (or egg based) ice cream – Philadelphia style ice cream is just right for you.  This recipe is quick and easy to make – although I should mention that it is less rich and smooth as its’ custard based counterpart.  With all ice cream – but especially Philadelphia style, it is best to really let it soften in the refrigerator 20 minutes before you eat for the best flavor and consistency – unless you eat right after you churn it which is when it is the best.  I added melted chocolate to some of the frozen ice cream which gives it another dimension and bite (which I happen to need).  I used this ice cream and the espresso brownie ice cream in the above sundae with carmalized bananas, fresh whipped cream and the glazed nutty brownie.  Amazing.  Have fun – make it Mexican by adding a 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon (with the coffee beans), or add other mix-ins try Oreos or chocolate covered nuts.  Yum.  Next time.  This ice cream also pairs well with the brown sugar cookies – in an ice cream sandwich.  Enjoy!

* A quick word about ice cream machines – they are so easy to use and affordable these days.  In addition to ice cream, you can make sorbets, sherbets, frozen yogurts and slush drinks.  I happen to like Cuisinart’s 2 quart model – it is on sale for 50.00 bucks.  The 1.5 quart model is also good.  And if you have a kitchen aid mixer – there is an ice cream attachment that you can purchase and your done!

coffee ice cream (Philadelphia style) adapted from The Ultimate Ice Cream  Book by Bruce Weinstein:
3  cups heavy  cream
1 cup milk
about 3/4 cup sugar (or just under…or add to taste)
1 cup whole coffee beans

melted semi sweet chocolate
chocolate chips
Grape Nuts cereal

Mix together the cream, milk and sugar in a heavy saucepan and heat until mixture bubbles around the edges.  Do not boil.  You want it to heat to the point right before it boils.  Remove from the heat and add the coffee beans.  Cover and cool to room temperature then place in refrigerator and let sit overnight (best) – or at least 6 hours .

The following day or hours later, strain the mixture and freeze the ice cream in your machine according to the instructions.

If adding a a mix in, go for it.  If you want to add the melted chocolate (it forms nice strings of chocolate throughout)…simply melt chocolate in a double boiler 0r over a pan of simmering water and then let cool a bit.  Once ice cream is churned drizzle the melted chocolate on top of the ice cream – in a bowl or container and fold it in.  Keep drizzling and adding to taste.  The chocolate will harden and form little chocolate strings throughout.

With all ice creams, place in container and cover with plastic wrap so that it touches the ice cream and then a cover and freeze.  Eat that night for best results but again, pull out and let soften in the refrigerator if making ahead.


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