Chocolate chocolate decadence.  Delicious, delightful and rich.  Rob loved it and was thankful for a chocolate dessert in the midst of summer crisps and cobblers.  The kids too I think, unless I’m making that up.  (Made this a long time ago and lost my notes!)  I was a bit lazy this summer…my vertigo was mostly gone, nothing was hurting too much body wise save for the tend0nitis in my bum (I have to say bum now because the kids hate it when I say ass. Or butt. They are funny.)  I did bake though, but not a lot.  I photographed, but didn’t edit.  And then I just could not seem to write.  I’m sorry!  I don’t have much more to write since I’m terribly forgetful – however I do remember that I was upset because the cake took a lot less time than it stated in the recipe.  And although I checked on it 10 minutes early, it already seemed over-baked.  I fretted because I had friends coming over but Rob said DO NOT toss it and with a little ice cream all would be OK (as usual!)  The cake in the end, I do remember, was delicious.  Really good, and yes, slightly over-baked so it will be even better for you since you will learn from me.  OK, I can ramble on and on, but I’ll stop and just tell you that I found this recipe on the blog Joy The Baker.  As I’ve said before, I happen to be a fan and this cake looked too good to ignore.  Joy found this recipe from Tuesdays with Dorie back in 2008 and I happen to have Dorie’s cookbook that also holds the recipe.  It will be a perfect fall dessert that will be sure to bring many smiles on your chocolate lovers faces.

Enjoy –

Continuing on this lazy theme, I’m going to send you the link to Joy’s blog.  I followed her directions, but I used a simple ganache for the glaze.  And that recipe is below.

Oh, and please check the cake 15 minutes early.  Maybe mine was a fluke – but check and double check so as not to over bake.

almost fudge gateau from Joy the Baker (click on link below for recipe):


simple ganache:

3/4 cup heavy cream
6 oz bitter or semi sweet chocolate (chopped up)

Place chocolate in a heat proof bowl.  Heat cream until it just almost boils.  Pour over the chopped chocolate.  Let sit for a minute then gently whisk to combine.

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