Andy has been eating these for the past month or so and just LOVING them.  True love.  But what used to be a cute and adorable desire for pancakes and waffles in the early AM (and my desire to find awesome healthy recipes) has slowly turned into a demand (on his part) and fatigue and irritation (on my part).  Somehow Andy and his cute face had me cooking them fresh every morning.  Why I did this for a few weeks I don’t know – maybe because his school commute is harder than Greg and Sylvie, or because he has dyslexia, or because I make Greg and Sylvie lunch every day.  But enough was enough.  Put my foot down and now make them and freeze or refrigerate like the old days.  And Sylvie is now in on the action – the two of them fighting for them in the morning.  Sylvie ate these up the other day saying “I can’t say that these are my favorite pancakes because I’ve had so many but they are definitely way up there on the very top!”  So, make and enjoy –

Oh, I use my Guittard Super chips in these and the kids love them.  I do too.  And I recently found them at Chocosphere in bulk.  If you go to Chocosphere – look at the white chocolate too while you are browsing.  Guittard, Valrhona, Callibaut and many more.  (I get nothing when you buy there – just giving you the info!)

I found these at Sally’s Baking Addiction (a blog) and I think Sally explains the directions very well – and with alternative ingredients.  I used white whole wheat flour, and a whole egg (not just the white).  In fact I added an extra egg to a batch just to boost the protein and they were just as good.  And of course we added the chocolate chips I mention above, but fresh blueberries would be great.

For the recipe and directions click on link and enjoy!

Sally’s Baking Addiction –>click


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