These cookies are scrumptious!  Seriously good.  Rich buttery shortbread with bittersweet (or semisweet) chocolate chunks rolled in coarse sugar – well, what is there not to like.  Andy said “fire” which is always a good sign.  Rob is not a shortbread person so yeah, he didn’t care for these.  But if you do like shortbread then these are a no brainer.  

I saw the recipe in the NY Times and knew I had to put in my “to bake” folder.  After baking them, and loving them, I purchased Alison Roman’s cookbook – Nothing Fancy: Unfussy Food For Having People Over.   I whole heartedly recommend it.  I made the cookies, meatballs and chicken from the book and wow.  These shortbread cookies were made especially for the book because Alison says that chocolate chip cookies are often lacking in a certain area – too soft, too hard, too chocolatey, too buttery and so on.  I do still love regular chocolate chip cookies (and all the variations) but these are an awesome addition to my (and now your) repertoires.  Enjoy –

The directions are clear in the article so I’m going to just give you the link.  If you have questions just ask :). Here is the link.

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