Had to re-post these again.  Had to – and renamed them too.  Greg actually came up with this name.  One night he asked – “can you make bananas surprise please?”  I said sure but told him they are called caramelized bananas.  He said no – banana surprise (he’s almost 15 btw).  I asked why the new name and he said well, every time I ask you to make the bananas, you say YES, and I’m surprised each time!  Hence – the name, bananas surprise.  And mind you, I say yes all the time because I love them too!  He cuts them up and mixes into his chocolate ice cream.  Mine go layered throughout my chocolate chip ice cream with jimmies and Sylvie, she eats them plain.  Go get that blow torch from the hardware store.  It is really easy and much less intimidating that you think.  I think Greg is actually ready to make them soon – but for now, I do like the surprise.

The original post with instructions are here.

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