I absolutely love these.  LOVE.  Joy.  Everything about them – the texture, the sugar coating, the versatility, the plain old scrumptiousness.  I’m not a fan of normal peanut cookies at all.  So this is a nice change for me.  

Rob had a nibble but the texture actually turned him off.  I don’t get it.  But I don’t have to.  I sent some to the shelter but feedback isn’t on the top of the list there (rightly so) – so I’m just hopeful that someone enjoyed as much as me.

The first time I made these I used dark chocolate chips and Reesees chips.  (Pictured on the sides above.). And they were good.  Good!  But the peanut butter chips always taste a little too sweet for me.  So the next time I chopped up some good quality (Callebaut) milk chocolate and added it to the mix (center photo).  Well, well, I mean so good.  Of course you can always add chopped or chips of dark and semi sweet which I think most people would choose but I’m telling you – a good quality milk chocolate (and not the chips – the bar) is worth a try.  For kids and those who like things sweet (me) I’d also consider M&M’s candies.  Yup I would.  I will and I’ll try to share with neighbors and friends to see if they like them too.

I found this recipe on SmittenKitchen.com.  Love everything about the site – and have for many years.  I also have the Smitten Kitchen cookbook.   If you have some time click on the link where she tells us why and how she created this recipe.  Well, adapted it. 

Actually,  you might as well just read her directions.  It will make my life easier and she has some beautiful photos.  Way better than mine.  Oh – lastly I used creamy peanut butter – and I used the Wild Friends brand.  I didn’t want a PB with added oils and sugars.  I found it at Freshdirect (my grocery delivery store) and they came out great.  You can also get it here.


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