It’s been a long time.  Too long.   Life got a little complicated about four years ago so I put the blog on hold as I wasn’t baking as often.  But I’m back!  When the kids left in the fall of 2019, Rob and I became free birds (empty nesters).  During the winter I started to gather new dinner recipes to try – recipes for two that were clean, healthy and hopefully tasty.  I realized I wanted to start blogging again, but this time include my “free bird recipes” as well as sweets.  Additionally, I had a whole bunch of other thoughts and ideas because last summer I started to teach Andy how to cook.  He was planning to live in an apartment and needed to prepare his own meals.  All of them!  We worked at it and continued our efforts throughout the fall and winter with phone calls and texts.  The “young adult recipe” became an obvious category to be included when I thought about blogging again. 

I got some help from my blog friends and was ready to go – but then there was COVID-19 and all of the kids came home.  I was back to cooking for five – really six because Andy eats double and even more because everyone wanted leftovers for lunch!  Now I can also include some large easy meals since I’ve had lots of practice.  Greg and Andy and Sylvie left so I’m free to start writing again – and to  include all of these new categories.

I don’t bake a ton these days, but I did bake a lot this summer for a local hospital – bringing treats and pleasure to essential workers – and a few of the treats are blog-worthy.  I plan to bake this fall for a local shelter and for Gilda’s club – so I will explore more recipes in the near future.

 I don’t have a ton of free bird  recipes because well – the pandemic and I was far from a free bird!  

Please don’t expect  wonderful prose or photos – expect  a truly tasty recipe that is delicious and therefore blog-worthy.  

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