Refreshing and full of flavor this iced coffee is GREAT.  Really and truly tasty.  Every winter I think I’ll never need to switch to iced coffee again, and then suddenly the heat is upon us and it’s all I want first thing in the AM.  The way I made iced coffee was good, but it was a pain in the a__  to make each and every day.  So when my friend Melissa told me about a new recipe she found, I was eager and ready to try.  She loved it.  Jason loved it (her husband) and I loved it too!  I made mine with hazelnut and vanilla flavors – and Melissa, she made a strong blend (she’s a real true coffee lover) …but we are both very happy with the results.  Melissa found the recipe from the blog, The Pioneer Woman Cooks.  I simply followed Ree’s directions which were easy, and her write up humorous and fun.  I guess my only addition is to froth my milk.  I froth it in my Nespresso (the cold froth setting BTW) and then pour that on top.  It looks so pretty and I look forward to it with my Healthy 5 Grain Cereal Bowl – and wow – you’d think each day was a birthday treat – but it isn’t…it is just my breakfast!  Enjoy-

delicious iced coffee

Here is the link to the recipe:

Not much to add to her directions – but I will let you know that the cheese cloth can be a little tricky.  I happen to have a really really fine sieve, and I bought a course grind so that helped…but just take your time.  You can also split the recipe in half to make it a bit more manageable.  I did the second time around and easier for me to handle.

OK, more recipes coming soon…just haven’t had the time to write them up lately!!

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