Kitchen Tools 1

If you are interested, here are some great tools to have in your kitchen.

It’s great if you have a stand mixer for cakes and cookies.  It is easier and more efficient than a hand mixer and more sturdy.  Although hand mixers are great for meringues and lighter batters.  Shop around when there are sales and invest in a good one that should last forever.

Quality baking sheets.  I use them for baking and cooking.   I like to use restaurant quality half sheet pans.  And parchment paper sheets – sized to the half sheet pan.  Saves time, and waste.  Peek here but look around for deals and savings online and in your town.

Cardboard cake rounds are so helpful to move your cake and ice it too.  Peek at youtube and watch a demo on icing a cake and you will likely see that a cake round is used.

Offset spatulas are one of my favorite tools.  They are great for spreading brownies and bars in pans or for frosting cakes.

Bowl scrapers are great too because they help you get every last bit of batter out of a bowl.  Which is important – no waste and easier clean up and of course more sweets to eat.

Bench scraper great for picking up scraps of dough, cutting butter and cleaning your counter.

An extra big spatula is one of my favorites for folding batters.  I use mine all the time.

Whisks in different sizes.  Pastry brushes.  Wire racks.

Lemon reamer very helpful and will save your hands.

kitchen scale is also important for measuring ingredients.  Purchase a simple scale that has a “tare” button – which is a simple way to reset the scale to zero when you’ve placed a mixing bowl or a cup on top of it.

A grater – the microplane grater is great for zesting fruits, grating fresh nutmeg or for garlic and ginger in savory cooking.  It is a great tool!

Food processor – to ground nuts, doughs and cookies

Ice cream machine – they are so easy to use and affordable these days.  In addition to ice cream, you can make sorbets, sherbets, frozen yogurts and slush drinks.  I happen to like Cuisinart’s 2 quart model – it is on sale for 50.00 bucks.  The 1.5 quart model is also good.  And if you have a kitchen aid mixer – there is an ice cream attachment that you can purchase and your done!

Plastic wrap – Stretch-tite plastic wrap is the best one around – and I just read about Freeze-tite which is even better protects your baked goods in the freezer.  I leaned that  there are little microscopic holes plastic wrap that allow air to circulate – to help your produce from spoiling.  But these little airholes are not great for the freezer.  So Freeze-tite was born.  I just ordered it online.

Cake boxes can found at 

Obviously many other tools, but these are stand outs to me.

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