So my friends daughter broke her arm again.  Pins this time.  And because I do believe that cookies have curative powers (at least while you are actively eating them) I asked Liz what Lucy’s favorite cookie was.  I figured it would be choc chip, or brownies or my meringue cookies.  But no, Lucy’s fave is sugar cookies.  Sugar cookies – hmmm…never the biggest fan and I’d yet to find and make a blog-worthy one.  So I browsed through my books, but realized that I already tried many of them so  I took to the Internet and googled “best sugar cookie” — and well, many popped up, but this one called to me because the author wrote that it was the “best darn sugar cookie” and that it was really true.…(kinda like I do).  And it was!  Liz said Lucy was the happiest and Sylvie and I were also very impressed by how crisp, flaky and flavorful they were.  The rest went to My Sister’s Place, and I hope they were happy with the results as well.  Try them!

Enjoy –

best darn sugar cookie ever – click here to be directed to the page  – the only addition I made was to add  1/4 teaspoon kosher salt to the recipe.

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